Crypto chess is here

Crypto chess is here

Chess is one of the oldest intelligent board games, which has been around for over 1500 years; on the contrary, blockchain is one of the youngest modern technologies.

By combining these, we have created Chess Polygon, a chess game that allows you to monetize intelligence by using chess as a cryptocurrency mining tool.

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The first world champion

STEIN is a native token of Chess Polygon project, named after Wilhelm Steinitz, the first generally recognized world chess champion, considered "the father of positional chess".

STEIN runs on Polygon blockchain, a fast, reliable and secure protocol, focused on scalability and mass adoption. Players receive STEIN for defeating their opponents.

STEIN contract: 0xad51f2bb687593b1d4b7e7f00368b3b92e150bf3

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The first world chess champion


For chess fans

Chess Polygon integrates cryptocurrency into the gameplay, allowing every participant, whether amateur or grandmaster, to monetize every victory, regardless of their knowledge, experience, or world ranking.

For crypto community

Introducing "intelligent mining". An alternative green mining solution for the crypto community. No more GPU or ASIC required. Now your time, attention and intelligence are the computing power.

For gamers

Get to know chess better and expand your gaming experience. Use tactics, strategy, and logic to defeat your opponents and earn cryptocurrency. Train your skills and become the "Global Elite" of intelligent gaming.

For investors

Chess Polygon offers a unique opportunity to invest not only in the project token, but also directly in individual players. An Investor can act as a Manager, create his chess team and receive passive income without playing chess.


Earn crypto

Brain powered mining

Earn STEIN tokens and NFT by defeating random opponents in the Mining mode. Challenge friends and other players around the world in the Challenge mode. In this mode, players can set the playing time and amount of STEIN per win.

Don't know how to play chess? In this case, the Investor mode is for you. Create your team, delegate STEIN to participants, and receive a part of the reward for the victories of each team member without having to play chess yourself.

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Play Chess

Play chess with friends or random opponents from all over the world.

Defeat the opponents

Train your skills and defeat your opponents in blitz, tournaments, and personal challenges.

Get rewards

Receive STEIN tokens and NFT for victories and personal achievements.



Playing time for each is 15 min.

Opponents are chosen randomly.

Up to 10 STEIN for a victory.

Stake STEIN to rise rewards.

NFT for the best players.


Players can set the playing time.

Players can choose the opponents.

Players can set rewards amount.

Staking does not affect rewards.

Victories will not grant NFT.


Invite players to join your team.

Approve the distribution of rewards.

Delegate tokens to new members.

Get STEIN from their victories.

NFT for the best team players.


STEIN token distribution
Ticker: STEIN
Supply: 1 000 000 000
Decimals: 18
Blockchain: Polygon

 Tokens reserved for players' rewards.
 Remain at the disposal of the team.
 Intended for token sales and listings.
 For private round of token sale.
 To be used for marketing (Airdrop, Ambassador Program).

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Social networks

The soul of the project

We are convinced that the community is an essential part of Chess Polygon. Your support and participation in the life of the project are the keys to the success of our idea.

We are open to communication, ready to answer all questions, and listen to all suggestions. Join us on social networks and messengers, write private messages - we will be happy to chat with everyone.

Chess Polygon community


Pawn E4

Launching Chess Polygon project

- Website launch
- Whitepaper publication
- Ambassador Program launch
- Private round of token sale
- STEIN Airdrop
- Community token sale

Knight G3

Beta version launch

- Beta version of the game on Android and iOS (Mining mode)
- Closed testing of the beta version of the game
- Public testing of the beta version of the game
- NFT implementation
- STEIN listing

Bishop F4

Features implementation

Game modes implementation:
- Challenge
- Investor
- Observer
- Practice
- Tournament
- Closed testing of all game modes
- Public testing of all game modes.

Knight B3

Improvements and refinements

- Refining the application and fixing bugs
- PC version of the game
- Tournament announcements
- NFT marketplace announcement